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What is Punilla.Link?

Punilla Link is a private regional initiative offering innovative online social networking services and interactive consumer awareness resources to local communities within and around Cordoba, Argentina.

@ PL we identify gaping social voids and neglected opportunities in our local communities then devote our time and energies to correcting those deficiencies through a pioneering constellation of integrated gastronomic and socio-economic development websites for delivering easy access to relevant and dependable content to that our readers rely on to get good stuff easier and cheaper, and generally make it easier for them to live better.

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The Origins of PL…

It all started with a small desire to address a neglected opportunity in our own community that grew into a big dream!

One night while dining out with friends, we commmented on the lack of local online forum just for neighbors to share their own dining and shopping experiences. We then conspired to start the GastroZone food blog to provide an inviting platform for discussing our town’s various gastronomic offerings, posting local restaurant reviews, and contributing novel solutions.

As we continued to identify overlooked social deficiencies throughout the region, we began to grasp the potential value to numerous communities of enabling their residents to publish reliable and practical user-generated content that engages, informs, and enriches their towns by resolving a variety of societal issues. From there, the desire to publish a simple food blog mushroomed into the dream of full-fledged regional network for socio-economic development and holistic lifestyles to, cultivate healthier, happier citizens, and produce integrated communities that yield ongoing social benefits.

What we believe:

• Great success matters greatly. PL is offered to you as an ideal medium for co-creating gratifying communal experiences. Our excellent sites and services provide you the ultimate platform to form your own tribe(s) and choose your own adventure(s), and present several tools for finding just about whatever you need close to where you are whenever you need it. We are committed to ensuring your continual success in learning, sharing, and growing personally through use of PL in a way that respects your time, money, and efforts. To get the best results on the journey, we recommend keeping an open mind and exploring PL´s breadth and value at your own pace.
• In the power of keeping things simple. Quality, clarity, attention to detail, ease-of-use, and practicality are at the core of everything we do @ PL. Our sites are intuitive and user-friendly. Our content is member-generated, targeted, fresh, educational, and designed to save readers time and money. Our web-based apps make it easier to share, discuss, collaborate, and live life well.
• Useful is as useful does. We strive to be known for offering the best community services available, paying attention to the details, treating people right, telling the truth, experimenting with innovation, having fun doing exceptional work, and never learning to stop nor ever stop learning. That is how we give back to our community and make a positive impact on the world at large. In the years to come, we’ll continue to invest in quality, ease-of-use, and value of PL products, publications, and operations.
• PLs websites should be editorially independent. PL’s various operations are partially funded by sponsors and paid adverts. But PLs websites are, and always will remain editorially independent. We do not answer to advertisers, any outside investors, or the stock market, only the PL admins and members. In fact, we only allow ads placed by our in-network members, and only those that provide an unquestionable service to a majority of our members. And our business model provides for a majority of any profits to be reinvested in local socio-economic development projects and noble causes.

About The Team @ Punilla.Link

Pedro, Co-Founder, Head Designer, and Webmaster
Pedro was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, where he developed a strong interest in permaculture, healing arts, and I.T..   He is an accomplished Reiki Master and hands-on-healer, amateur gardner, and an avid sports enthusiast. He relocated to San Marcos in 2006 to pursue a more tranquil lifestyle Punilla Link is his brainchild and most recent labor of love.

Stella, Co-Founder, Financial Administrator, and Ad Sales Executive
Stella is an Argentine (porteña) who spent most of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving back to Argentina in 2006.  She ran a number of family businesses as an entrepreneur and also worked in a number of administrative positions, all while raising a family.   Since 2000, she managed to find the time to also study a variety of alternative therapies and become an awesome aura reader– all of which she now offers in San Marcos Sierras.

Together, they make a formidable entrepreneurial and therapuetic duo in San Marcos Sierras, Cordoba, where they also run Cabañas ‘La Gloria’.


Opportunities 2 Join Us

We welcome individuals, groups, or organizations who are interested in independently administering/webmastering their own city network nodes within PL, on lease for a reasonable fee- with potential earnings returning to you from shared ad revenues, which are managed by PL separately. 

So, if you are a reader, member or fan, and believe that you would be an asset to our team and our work, then we especially invite you to apply and add your strengths to our PL team.

Of course, we do have some necessary qualifications for potential applicants, so please contact us directly using the form below.

Our Commitment to Diversity

The team at PL is committed to honoring diversity within our administration and within our membership. We respect all type of diversity including, but not limited to, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, and abilities. We want to live in and work towards an equitable, peaceful, just world that recognizes the inherent strengths that come from different viewpoints, backgrounds cultures and experiences.

NOTICE-  In regards to sexual orientation, for the purposes of this site, we do express a definite bias toward heterosexual partners and marriages, believing them (especially in light of Anastasia´s philosophical teachings) to be the most historically legitimate foundation for raising healthy children, and therefore stable societies, in spite of any valid arguments or isolated examples to the contrary. If you are a reader, client or fan, and you ever perceive this bias in a way that you feel directly discriminates against you, we invite you to tell us, and we will do our best to address and remedy it to your satisfaction, if at all posible.

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